The Speedcam-SE app uses your phone GPS and a “Point of interest” database of speed cameras to display notifications as you approach the camera-objects. Note that the app does not come with a built in database. There is a simple import process that reads “Garmin (csv)” files on the form:

The import task supports “Garmin (csv)” files on the form:

13.27141, 55.53639, "K108N01@80"
13.25691, 55.55859, "K108N02@80"

To import the file you need to

Detailed instructions

To import data simply put your downloaded data file on the sd-card.
The file should be named “speedcams.csv”.

To put a file on the phone SD memory card you can use one of the following approaches:

Finally select "import data file" from the main activity.

Some useful links

Many “GPS data files” (POI databases) are available for download on the internet. The list included here is just an example of data sources not an exhaustive list.

Swedish data files

Data files available at

Example file:

UK and other countries

World wide